I find my familiarity with thee has bred contempt.

I wasn't going to let Punjab have all of the fun online. Yes, I know his name isn't Punjab. It's Neelamani Sampat. Neelamani means "blue jewel". I looked it up.

People I Tolerate
…We were convinced by polling that said he was going to be seen as arrogant no matter what performance he gave in the debate. And then, that morning at 3:10, my phone rings, and it’s Toby Ziegler. He says, ‘Don’t you get it?It’s a gift that they’re irreversibly convinced that he’s arrogant ‘cause now he can be.’ If your guy’s seen that way, you might as well knock some bodies down with it.
Sam Seaborn

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the newsroom 2.5 → don + sloan 


(212): dude wtf did we explode in my microwave last night?
(1-212): idk but i think it had a face

MacKenzie McHale in 2.05 ‘News Night with Will McAvoy’